Investing in New Technologies

Our vision for the future of manufacturing drives our growth. Every year we research and invest a portion of our revenue into the latest technology and software. From automation to design and inspection, DAVIS is committed to staying on the cutting edge of precision manufacturing.

Machines, Materials & Technology

With state-of-the-art machines, unique technologies, advanced materials, and a powerful supply chain, DAVIS’s Solution is the perfect platform for our team of expert engineers and machinists to develop complex parts and products.

QA, engineering and manufacturing work seamlessly to minimize touch time and maximize throughput

Davis Manufacturing Certifications

43,000 Square Feet

  • CNC Machines
  • MFG Cell Configurations
  • Multi-Axis Machining
  • Complex Assemblies
  • Valve Pressure Testing
  • Heat Treat

40 CNC Machines; 8 Multi-Axis CNC Machines

    • 5 axis Milling Centers
    • Palletized Horizontal Milling
    • Robo Cell Centers
    • Live Tooling Lathes
        • MFG Cell Configurations
        • Multi-Axis Machining

What We Do
Manufacturing As A Service (MAAS)

  • Engineering intensive manufacturing solutions
  • Thin wall machined structure
  • Lightweight, high strength, fluid conveyance components machined from billets
  • Ability to machine difficult stealth designs
  • Ability to machine thin wall contoured deep pockets
  • Complex multi-axis parts
  • Complex Hard Alloy Parts
  • Contract Manufacturing solutions for production runs
  • Low volume, high value, precision valve manufacturing service
  • Complex sub assembly work
  • Most materials including aluminum, 15-5 SS, Inconel, Monel
  • Acceptance testing for leak, flow and proof to 10,000 PSI

We offer supply chain partnerships that are integrated, reliable, and scalable.

PartnershipsOur partnerships with our supply chain rely on flexibility, solutions and speed. We manage a reliable and robust supply base to maximize supply chain efficiency and customer value. Planning and communication ensure our operations are optimized throughout the supply chain.

Materials ManagementWe enhance customer value by offering supplier managed inventory, customer inventory, and dock-to-stock shipping. We provide materials management, real-time tracking of production operations, and complete material traceability

Continuous ImprovementOur focus on continuous improvement and use of Lean as an integral part of our QMS, these practices have allowed us to continue to streamline efficiencies across our supply chain. Goal: to exceed customer expectations by continually strengthening the manufacturing process.

Supply BaseWe also manage an integral supply base to include, leading providers of anodization, plating, passivation, electropolish, chemical etch, and heat treat.